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The Best Political Fundraising Software For Raising SMS Donations Quickly & Effectively


If you’d like to raise donations and gain more nationwide support for your political campaign...

Political SMS marketing is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to do so.

This is why so many political fundraising organizations are now using Tatango.

Tatango is the only bulk SMS provider optimized specifically for political campaigns... helping some generate $5 in donations for every $1 invested in text fundraising for political candidates.

PLUS we take care of all the tech set up for you, so you’ll be able to get your campaign short code and start your mobile fundraising campaign quickly.

Sound like something you might be interested in?

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What Types Of Campaigns Can This Be Used For?


Many political campaigns have used Tatango’s SMS marketing and mobile messaging software for the following categories of political fundraising:

  • U.S. Presidential Campaign Fundraising
  • U.S. Senate Campaign Fundraising
  • U.S. Congressional Campaign Fundraising
  • State Election Fundraising (Governor and State Senate/House)
  • Local Election Fundraising (Mayoral Elections & Municipal Elections)
  • PAC Fundraising
  • SuperPAC Fundraising
  • 501(c)4 Fundraising
  • 501(c)3 Fundraising


Tatango has been used by major U.S. Presidential candidates as well as many Senate and Congressional races. It has been designed for high-volume, high-security, and to generate voter donations, campaign momentum, and streamline GOTV efforts. 

Now you can use any political CRM to manage donations while using Tatango to send out your SMS messages -- and all your donation data seamlessly integrates between platforms in real-time. Tatango offers serious presidential campaigns the opportunity to win through greater donations, support, and voter turnout when it matters most. 

In political SMS messaging, speed matters as campaigns send messages based on real-time news events, live debates, and urgent announcements. With Tatango, your messages get out in minutes, not hours -- maximizing your political fundraising.


Want To Raise More Donations Quickly & Affordably?

Our user-friendly text marketing software allows political organizations to effectively communicate with their supporters at a rate of 6 million messages per hour (33X faster than our closest competitor) with the lowest cost per message rate in the U.S.

Within minutes, you’ll be able to...

  • Send a limitless amount of texts without any “overage” fees.
  • Expect 99% of your texts to be opened within 3 minutes of sending.
  • Enjoy the highest level of security in the SMS marketing industry.
  • Guarantee delivery while tracking results, revenue, and ROI.
  • Stay “spam-free” since we’re compliant with all TCPA guidelines

And much much more…

Want To Be Treated Like Royalty From Now On?

Your success is OUR success.

That’s why we’ve appointed a dedicated account success manager to all Tatango users; helping you streamline the process of getting your message out to your donors / supporters in the most effective way possible.

You’re also getting 24/7 customer support to ensure that you never have a question unanswered, and that you’re always getting the most ROI from our software at all times. 

With a deep commitment to your success and 13+ years leading the industry -- it’s our honor to partner with organizations like yours. We’re with you every step of the way to help optimize your campaigns, and to help you replicate the success that our other clients have enjoyed.

Put simply - you’ll never have to deal with “lousy” customer service again :)

See Why Tatango Is Trusted By The Nation’s Top Political Campaigns & Fundraising Organizations

Tatango is an amazing tool for digital fundraisers to reach their audiences' mobile phones. The message preview function has always done a good job showing exactly how the message will be sent to users.

Ashley F.
Mid-Market Tatango Customer

There was a lot we could do in terms of segmenting on the Tatango platform. If I run a Senate program with SMS again, I'll definitely be using Tatango. Plus, their support team is always super responsive.

Political Organization Administrator




Options for your Short Code

We offer different options to best suit your needs


Non-Vanity Short Code

$500 per month
✅  SMS/MMS/RCS Enabled
✅  Mass Messaging Capable  
✅  Send Up to 4 Million Messages an hour  
❌  Choose Your Own Number


Vanity Short Code

$1000 per month
✅  SMS/MMS/RCS Enabled
✅  Mass Messaging Capable  
✅  Send Up to 4 Million Messages an hour  
✅  Choose Your Own Number