TCPA Survival Guide

Learn about TCPA rules from the TCPA Defense Force, a division of Innovista Law PLLC.

Text Message Marketing Guide - TCPA Compliance

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What You'll Learn In This Guide:

  • What’s next for the TCPA?
  • What does the TCPA prohibit?
  • What technologies are involved?
  • Who can get in trouble with the TCPA?
  • Do only bad actors get ensnared by the TCPA?
  • Are there industries that are exempt from the TCPA?
  • If another company markets on my behalf, can I be held liable?
  • What can happen if my company violates the TCPA?
  • How can calls/texts to mobile phones violate the TCPA?
  • How can calls to residential lines violate the TCPA? What about faxes?
  • What is a Do-Not-Call List violation?
  • What if the calls are made from outside the United States?
  • What is considered a willful violation of the TCPA?
  • Why is training your employees about the TCPA important?

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